Dublin romance

A few weeks ago my folks came to visit and while they were visiting us and we made a trip down to Dublin to see the sights. I…

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Hi there!

I took this photo in the Kruger National Park a few years ago. It looks like they might be fighting, but actually it was two herds coming together…

Last week, while we were in Perth, we visiting Kings Park one evening. If you ever go to Perth, Kings Park is well worth a visit! It has a great view of the city and Swan River.

Here's a shot I got of the city lights. It was the day before full moon, so the moon was quite bright by then, but unfortunately there were a lot of clouds in the sky. It still came out nicely.

Perth by night

A few years ago, before I got married, I went to Australia for the first time. I spent couple of months out there staying with my family in…

Worn Old Tusks

Tusks and Wrinkles

Here’s another shot of one of my favourite animals in the Kruger National Park. I could photograph them for days. Here’s a shot I took on a trip…

Kennet Canal in the snow

Snowy Newbury

Before moving to Belfast, we lived in Newbury, West Berkshire. A few years ago we had a bunch of snow, so Ri and I went for a late-night…

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Bansko banter

A few years ago (before I was married), I spent 2 months in Bulgaria with some of our friends that were living out there. While I was there…

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Kudu or Koodoo?

This is another photo from that trip back to SA for our honeymoon in 2010. I took this photo while I was with my grandparents on that trip….

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Perth hangs

I took this photo the first trip that I made to Perth in Australia. I liked the shadows of the people walking. We had spent a fun day…

Frosty Chain & Spider Web

Charlotte’s Web

I took this photo years ago when I was on an early morning walk in the frost at my parent’s house, when they used to live near Newbury…

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Jeremy & Emma

Contrary to popular belief, I have photographed some weddings. I don’t just take photos of my travels and wildlife. Here’s a photo that I took at the wedding…