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Here’s another shot from Malta from a few years ago. You should visit Malta, if you haven’t been before. It’s amazing. Probably one of my favourite places that…

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Busy Buffalo Weavers

One of my favourite things to do in the Kruger National Park is to sit in the hides near a waterhole and just enjoy the surroundings. I took…

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Graffiti Art

A few years ago Rianna and I were visiting London and found the graffiti tunnel near Waterloo Station. I enjoyed taking photos of some of the art and…


Lazy Cheetah

One of the highlights of visiting the Hoetspruit area of South Africa is always staying at Tshukudu. They have a great family-run set up. They’re one of the…

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Baby tsessebe

It’s like it’s Tsessebe week over here. Here’s a cut little Tsessebe that I photographed on our last trip to the Kruger National Park.


My little sister

I recently went on holiday with my youngest sister. She’s 7 years younger than me. I had the realisation of how time has flown and how she’s not…

Tsessebee's Butt

Muddy Tsessebe

I took this photo in the Kruger National Park a few years ago. These are interesting animals. They’re in that strange tension of not sure whether they’re ugly…

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Flower power

If you’re ever in Cape Town, a must-see is the Kirstenbosh Flower Gardens. It’s just at the bottom of the mountains and is absolutely stunning. They also have…

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Fun, sun & picnics

Here’s another Signal Hill sunset photo from Cape Town. I took this on my honeymoon down in South Africa. It was a fun time. This photo was taken…

This is possibly my favorite bird in Africa. They are just such beautiful birds and so unusual - especially the way they fly!

African Hoopoe

This is my favourite bird in Africa. I don’t know why. I just really enjoy them. They have an amazing crest and fly funny. I took this photo…