Hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet.
My name is Nigel Ivy and I was born in Zimbabwe. I'm currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland with my family. I have the most amazing wife, Rianna and this year we had honour of introducing our son, Jaxon Hunter, into the world. My family mean the world to me and you will definitely see them in many of my posts. I love Jesus and love building church to help people find him and become all the God has for them. I also have the honour of being the director of an amazing business, where we help other businesses become greater. Basically we develop applications and databases that help them run better and make more money. 🙂
Starting around 2009 I began taking pictures with a point and shoot and documenting some of the beautiful and exciting things that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. When my son was born in April 2017, I started creating vlogs to document this new exciting chapter in our lives. I love documenting our journey. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos and videos from my life because I love sharing it with you!
Peace out Fam! ✌🏽