Here’s a photo from our recent trip to Zambia. These locals have an interesting life and create these little fishing settlements all along the Zambezi River every year. When the rains come, they’ll be long gone inland in bigger villages as these little fishing villages will be washed away and absorbed into the flood plains.

It takes them roughly about a week to put together their huts and get things set up, all made from materials on the river bank (mud, thatch grass and trees). They live quite a nomadic life. It’s unlikely the kids go to school and if they do, it’s unlikely they go to school past primary years. The canoes (locally known as Makoro) are their livelihood as traditional fisherman and are carved from a single tree inland and dragged to the river using oxen.

A very basic life, but the funny thing is that you’ll probably find they have cell phones and other western things as well. A fascinating thing to see and experience.