MY YEAR 2017…in photos

Thanks for visiting my website! This is my year 2017 blog post.

2017 was an exceptional year for me. There are so many high points and very few low points. I always go through a process at the end of each year where I set goals and plan what I want out of the new year and for 2017, I had named my year “joy” and it certainly was a year of joy for me!

We started out jus the two of us, with Jax on his way (thanks to Rob Dight for these photos). 🙂

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in Rome. It was the first time either of us had visited Italy.

My uncle Mark came over to visit us. It was his first time in Ireland, so we crammed as much site seeing as possible! My sister-in-law Charmian was stayed with us for a bit when she got back from her Christmas in Cape Town.

Then we were in the waiting game. Chilling at home, taking it easy, enjoying time together and waiting for our little man to arrive.

The day before Rianna went into labour, we took a walk up the hill at Stormont Estate.

The next day our lives changed. It was the most amazing experience. It certainly was the highlight of our year! JAXON HUNTER arrived!

We were out of the hospital within a couple of days. I took time off work and we enjoyed our new journey into parenthood and enjoyed the most amazing time as a new family.

Rianna’s Mum (Sue) and my folks (Roger & Claire) came to visit and meet their new grandson.

We spent many a Saturday hanging with Sam, Abi & Willow.

Jax got cuter and cuter.

Jax went to his first birthday party and celebrated Willow turning one.

Rianna’s Dad (Glyn) came to visit us and meet his grandson.

We spent many a Sunday afternoon at St. Georges Market enjoying the food and live music with Tim, Rach & Vanessa.

My sister Nix came to visit us and meet her nephew.

I flew back to England often for Leopard, which meant I got to hang out with my siblings.

Ri, Jax & I went over to England together to visit all our family and they got to meet Jax.

We had such good weather in England it felt like a tropical holiday!

We also got to see special friends Jason & Ruth and they got to meet Jax.

We went over to Copenhagen to visit Thomas & Natalie and got to meet their little boy, Kaleb.

My sister Nix and her boyfriend Jon got engaged!!

Jax entertained us and is such a character.

My sister Nats and cousin Carissa came to visit us and I gave them the grand tour.

We spent many a coffee date at Guilt Trip Coffee & Donuts.

We went out to South Africa to celebrate my Grandfather’s 90th birthday. The family in South Africa got to meet his great grandson and we had a great time celebrating with family  (thanks for Allan for the the next few photos). You can watch my vlogs from this trip here.

We flew to Zambia while we were in South Africa to fish on the Zambezi River. It was an epic trip! We even got to visit Victoria Falls. You can watch my vlogs from this trip here and read my trip report here.

We had a lot of fun introducing Jax to solid foods.

My brother Neil came to visit us and we did some missions around Ireland.

More fun with Jax.

More fun with the Wolseys.

Family Saturdays hanging out.

I had an awesome time in the USA with Allan, Francie, Andy, Joni, Tash & J. Got to go on a once in a lifetime Bison hunt in the Henry Mountains with Allan & Andy. You can see my vlogs here and trip report here.

Had a lot of fun spending early mornings with my boy.

My sister Nats came to visit us before she spent Christmas in the USA.

We had many a fun evening hanging out and eating with Tim, Rach & Vanessa. Jax loves them!

Jax got to meet his new friend Matilda.

We had THE BEST time spending Christmas with our family. Jax’s first Christmas was so much fun and very special!

I started posting a Daily Photo when we got back from Africa, inspired by Allan and have continued in 2018.

It was an EPIC year! 2018 has a lot to live up to! Thanks for reading and following along on my adventures.

If you made it this far, comment below with “ahoy there”.

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  1. What a joyful year you had! Wonderful photos!

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