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Happy Birthday Braveheart!

Today we get to celebrate the birthday of a very special friend, Rachel Wallace (a.k.a Braveheart, because she’s actually related to William Wallace). She’s an amazing friend and…

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Antique Mournes

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was down in Newcastle last weekend. Here’s another photo that I took of the snow-capped Mournes while we were…

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Australian Adventures

I’ve been fortunate enough to go to some very wild places all around the world on some of my hunting adventures, including some of the wilds of Australia….

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Most beautiful place in Europe

Last weekend I had the privilege of preaching at a school CU camp down in Castlewellan and we popped into Newcastle to get some Mauds ice cream while…


Starry honeymoon sunset

When Ri and I were first married, we decided we wouldn’t honeymoon straight after our wedding, but rather spend a few days in a quaint, thatched B&B in…

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Betws-y what?

When I was 17, a group of friends (my wife included, before we started dating) plotted for us to go to this camp site just outside of Betws-Y-Coed,…


Sunny days in Malta

One of my favourite holidays of all times was 2 weeks that we spent in Malta. My grandparents flew up from South Africa to join us for an…


He’s always been rock ‘n’ roll

This is my younger brother, Neil. He’s one of my favourite people. He’s a great musician. He has one of the greatest passions for good music and making…


What does the fox say?

The first house Ri and I moved into after we were married had a MASSIVE garden that was immaculate. It was actually the Rectory of a church that…


Hillary’s Harbour

This place is called Hillary’s Harbour; in Perth, Australia. They have the best pizza place in the world there. You can get everything from beetroot to pulled pork…