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Mopani sunset

Mopani is one of the camps in the Kruger that has one of the best views. It’s on the top of a hill and overlooks a little dam….

Cheeky little horse with pyjamas on

I took this photo in the Kruger National Park a few years ago. Zebra are amazing and unique animals. I love the cheekiness on his face. 😉

Cousin fun

A few years ago we spent a few weeks in Colorado for my cousins wedding. I love that place. Here’s a photo of my other cousin that I…

Dirty little tusk

I took this photo on one of my trips to the Kruger National Park. Elephant are definitely one of the most photogenic animals around. They are so beautiful….

Table Mountain Adventures

The first summer that Ri and I were married, we did loads of travelling and visiting Cape Town for the first time. This is a photo I took…

Fun in the Kruger with Bulbul

I took this photo of a Dark-capped Bulbul in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The Kruger is the BEST place for seeing the diversity of wildlife…

Woman Crush Wednesday or International Women’s Day or both?

To celebrate my #WCW on International Women’s Day, here’s a shot of my first-born in bump form inside the most amazing woman I know, in front of the Vatican…

Mussenden Temple

I took this photo up at Mussenden Temple a few months ago. It was a fun day with good memories and I liked the photo. Enjoy! 🙂

Colorado Wedding

Last week, my cousin Tash and her husband J celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary guys! 🙂 Ri and I are due to head out to the…

Blenheim Banter

A few weeks ago, we went to Blenheim Palace with some family. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs together. I took this photo…