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Tsessebe corner

Africa’s fastest antelope, the Tsessebe. Love the colours in this photo. Taken in the Kruger National Park a few years ago.

Waterhole shenanigans

Here’s a cool pic I took in the Kruger National Park a few years ago. Two of Africa’s iconic animals. Love the contrast of the image. Fond memories…

Cheetah cheetah

I took this photo a few years ago visiting the Kruger with my grandparents. It was one of the highlights of that trip. The first time I’d seen…


I took this photo during a sunset in the Kruger a few years ago. Love the wrinkles in Elephants. 🙂

Birds in flight

Here’s a cool photo that I took a few years ago in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. I love that place. So many cool, amazing things…

Flame Lilly

These are one of my favourite flowers in Africa. They’re called Flame Lilly. They occur naturally in the bush, only in certain areas. It’s always a highlight to…

Mopani sunset

Mopani is one of the camps in the Kruger that has one of the best views. It’s on the top of a hill and overlooks a little dam….

Cheeky little horse with pyjamas on

I took this photo in the Kruger National Park a few years ago. Zebra are amazing and unique animals. I love the cheekiness on his face. 😉

Dirty little tusk

I took this photo on one of my trips to the Kruger National Park. Elephant are definitely one of the most photogenic animals around. They are so beautiful….

Table Mountain Adventures

The first summer that Ri and I were married, we did loads of travelling and visiting Cape Town for the first time. This is a photo I took…