Trip report of my recent trip to the Henry Mountains, Utah

Well, 2018 has arrived and this blog post is a bit late, but here it is.

I hope you’ve had a great Christmas break and Happy New Year to you!

In November last year, I had the privilege of travelling to the USA. I was heading over because my uncle Allan had a once in a lifetime Bison tag for the Henry Mountains in Utah. It turned out to be an amazing hunt with cousin Andy, uncle Allan and friend Randy.

I flew into Denver, Colorado and drove to Gunnison, where my family live.

I spent a few days with my family in Gunnison, while we prepared for Utah before we hit the road…

After about a 7 hour drive from Gunnison, we turned off the tar roads to head up the dirt roads up into the Henry Mountains.

We stopped a few times to glass and try find some Bison.

The Henry Mountains are incredible. One of the most amazing and unique places I’ve visited. It’s high elevation, with peaks that are close to 12k feet above sea level.

It’s very dry and dusty, but was pretty cold while we were there consistently freezing at night and often below freezing during the day. 

The scenery is amazing. You have an amazing view off the mountains of the canyons lands below. Simply breathtaking and unique.

We had great success on the hunt. The challenge with hunting this area is just locating the animals. You’re hunting a huge mountain range and the animals could be anywhere.

We were fortunate enough to have located two different groups of Bison before opening day.

We had been glassing a herd on one of the ridges and had made a game plan for opening day.

As it turned out, the herd we’d been glassing moved off the ridge and into a draw heading down the mountain. We followed them before sunset the day before opening day and then bedded them down at sunset. We had planned to go after them in the morning before sunrise on opening day and whilst executing our game plan, Allan & Andy spotted two bulls on the ridge that the her had been on the day before.

They raced around to stalk those bulls and Allan made good on his stalk and he shot and killed this bull Bison. It was an incredible hunt.

We processed and packed out the entire bull by 3pm that same day. It took us three trips from where the bull lay to get it all back to the truck. We took all the meat and hide off the bull and left only the guts and spine. The animal would be used to feed our family and friends.

We got back to camp and immediately put some of the ribs from the Bison onto the fire for dinner that night. It was a bit tough, but great to eat something you’ve harvested yourself.

After the hunt, we headed back to Gunnison. I didn’t have much planned as we’d been ready to spend the whole season on the mountain after the Bison, but because we killed it so early in the hunt, I had loads of time left.

Andy & Joni are building a house, so I helped them with a few things there.

I spent the rest of my time hanging out with my family and even got to head north of Denver with Andy to catch up with good friend Shawn Greathouse from Hamskea Archery.

Allan & I went out most mornings to take photos, which was awesome. That place is so beautiful!

I did a few short trips to a few local spots, like Crested Butte.

And also explored some new places with Allan, like going for a hike up Cement Creek.

Huge thank-you to Allan & Francie, Andy & Joni and Tash & J. It was an amazing trip. Thanks for hosting me and hanging out! 🙂

Also, huge congrats to Allan on such a beautiful Bison!

Gunnison is such a gem of a place. If you can ever get up there, do yourself a favour. It’s spectacular!

I vlogged the whole trip, which you can watch here:

Check out Open Your Eyes Gallery for more details of Allan & Francie‘s business.

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  1. Nigel,
    What an amazing journey you were on with, ” The Ivy’s” they are truly wonderful people, love their gallery. Congratulations on the buffalo harvest. I’m also a hunter, photographer from Crawford, Co.Utah has some amazing places to be photograph. Most of the time has snow in the grounds, bitter cold far colder than the Gunnison Valley. Enjoyed your success and your story. Best regards in 2018

    • Thanks Jaquita. It was actually Allan that killed the Bison. I was just along for the ride. 😉 It was an amazing trip. Utah is a special place. Thanks for the feedback.

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