I really like my wife; she is amazing and pretty, so I married her. I'm also going to be a Dad. My first-born is due on April 23rd. 🙂 I also like Apple products. My friends think I try to buy all of them as soon as they come out, but I don't think I do. I love Jesus and love building church to help people find Him. I also have several bows that I keep in my attic in case The Walking Dead becomes real. I take lots of pictures that you'll never see and so my friend made this blog for me because she wanted me to share my photos and adventures. I think she could have used the time for something more important, but anyway... I also like food, so much so that sometimes I have #doublesteaksunday. If I don't go for an excessive amount of barely cooked cow then I like to eat pineapple until my tongue stings real bad. I also recently got a tattoo that matches my wife’s so if one of us is lost in a crowd we will just stick my arm up in the air and find each other. I’m a director of a nerdy business that do things with data, it's pretty nerdy, but we help other companies to do things better... and no it doesn't mean I can fix your PC. I am usually simultaneously talking to 23.5 people over 6 different platforms, we are now best friends.